Is My Boyfriend Getting Tired Of Me

Is My Boyfriend Getting Tired Of Me

Girls that are clingy need to get a life. They lack stability, they are insecure, and they are codependent, not good traits to have for a healthy relationship! You have to have More »

Is She Serious Signs Of A Serious Relationship

Is She Serious Signs Of A Serious Relationship

If you are feeling pretty strongly about your current relationship, but you are unclear about whether or not your girl friend feels the same way, then this article is the one for More »

Signs To Look For To Find Out If She Likes You

Signs To Look For To Find Out If She Likes You

Most men are afraid of rejection and it is natural for men to have the desire to know if a woman likes him or not before taking the big step of pursuing More »

Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend Back When She Has Already Moved On

Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend Back When She Has Already Moved On

After the break up, one of the natural urge that arises in ones mind is to get back their ex girlfriend. You may get desperate to get back your ex girlfriend and More »

Romantic Ways To Celebrate A Sweethearts Birthday

Romantic Ways To Celebrate A Sweethearts Birthday

If you want to keep your romance alive then you need to take every and any occasion to show that loved one in your life that not only are they special but More »


An Open Relationship – The Controversial Polyamory

For most of us, being in a relationship instantly means being exclusive to the partner a person has a relationship with. This is a common perception of people from the olden times up to now. However, there is a kind of relationship that might change all that: Open relationships.

In a more precise term, an open relationship is precisely called “polyamory”. It came from two words, “poly” meaning “many” and “amor” for “love”. Technically, polyamory is a kind of relationship wherein two partners are allowed to engage in intimate affairs with other people. Both mutually allow their partners to indulge in relationships other than theirs, sexual or non-sexual. If the couple doing this is married, it is called open marriage.

Not surprisingly, this is not popular among couples. Most couples would like their relationship to be exclusive only to both of them. Most of us would experience misery after learning that our partner has been engaging into an illicit affair with another. This is significantly emphasized after a “till-death-do-us-part” promise. However, some are actually in favor of this kind of relationship. Polyamory or open relationship usually takes many forms, but it all leads to one simple point: both partners can love different

How To Emotionally Stay Away From Your Ex-husband For Good

For some women, picking up the pieces after a divorce is not really a challenge. Emotionally staying away from their ex-husband is the real problem. To brim with confidence or self-esteem is impossible if you are still attached to your ex.

To be divorced does not just mean you live apart from your ex. It also means you avoid all the problems you had in marriage outside marriage. If you have to see your ex-husband, you would want to avoid the turmoil that led to the marriage separation in the first place.

Not every woman can easily sever ties from her ex. So what do you do when you share custody of your children? How do you stop the resentments stemming from the divorce? How do you stop the emotions from boiling

How Snoring Influence A Relationship

A spouse’s snoring can affect even the strongest of relationships. This is due to the sleep deprivation that either both spouses or one spouse experiences, which in turn causes that non-snoring spouse to become annoyed, irritated, and even resentful.

Research have shown that over half of the couples who participated agree that the majority of arguments can be traced back to one spouse’s snoring problem. These same studies found that most of those couples are sleeping in separate rooms, which can have a vast negative impact on their marriage. Some spouses even confessed that the snoring problem become so bad that they contemplated divorce.

Those couples that end up sleeping in separate rooms often find more than

Signs Of Being Disloyal Husband Or Wife

If there is any 1 matter one particular person can do to both destroy a partnership and exhibit they are really a coward is being disloyal on you. It really is the ultimate act of betrayal on the man or woman that’s supposed for being your very best friend. If another person would deal with a best friend this manner how would they deal with any person who’s not a pal or enemy?

You will discover a range of factors a person would cheat but generally speaking it is really an indication these are not happy with their present-day spouse or that a thing is missing inside the romance. Quite typically nonetheless it can be an indication of the unfaithful folks very own inability to get content with themselves and also the inability being joyful. So but if your companion is being unfaithful on you or you believe your spouse is

How To Determine Compatibility in Relationships

Compatibility in relationships is very essential. Compatibility is the very basis of whether you are meant for each other or not. Before you look for your better half, it is very essential for you to consider compatibility in relationships. For those who have already entered in relationships, it might be a bit too late for them. Before you look for someone to love, it is vital for you to know what to do, when you seek to determine whether you are meant for each other or not. If you are mystical or believe in the powers of the universe to join you to your perfect mate, you can check out horoscope compatibility. This is where you make use of stars to determine whether you have chosen a good mate. Eastern cultures are known mainly to go with such methods of determining compatibility. If you are interested in finding out what the stars think, it will not hurt to look at some. Astronomy has been used for a long time to determine many things and, couples have also

Happiness May Be In A Wife Led Relationship

There are a few men who prefer to have a wife led relationship. For those men it is exhilarating to have the wife be in complete control of the relationship and the dominate person. This runs the gamut from letting the wife make most of the decisions to letting her have complete control and being submissive to her. Not all of the men who want a wife led relationship like to be truly submissive but merely prefer a lesser role in the marriage.

To what degree you end up in a wife led relationship of your own choosing is based on both of your preferences. You may simply let your wife do the checkbook and handle the most major financial decisions. You will have to discuss it with your wife because it could become a burden if she really does not want the largest share of the control in the marriage.

Rather than feeling like shes lucky to have control, she might feel that you

How To Recapture A Lost Love And Build A Lasting Relationship

Would not it be nice if there were such a thing as a magic lamp which may rub and cause your ex back just like that. Unfortunately, when a breakdown occurs there is no magic involved. Usually a painful journey down a road that is full of errors. When you start work to get your ex back, it is essential to avoid errors if you want to retrieve a lost love and build a lasting relationship again.

The reconstruction of their relationship is possible despite the heated words were exchanged and both said they did not want to see each other again. Many times after a messy breakup particular, tend to give up and think everything is over. But if you really love your man or his wife and that he is the only man for you, then you owe it to yourself to at least give it a chance.