Purchase Vegas Penn and Teller Tickets to Learn More About Their Unusual Views

Penn and Teller are very vocal about their political views. The duo has often stated their political and social views align with libertarians. They have often criticized pseudoscience, including the paranormal, and they aren’t overly fond of government authority. In fact, the pair has now taken aim at everyone from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Internal Revenue Service. They have vocally expressed their opinion on controversial topics such as gun control as well as those that are often overlooked, like circumcision. Furthermore, they are proponents of allowing a person to eat fast food if they wish to and they support private property owners. Lower taxes are another thing they support and they share this opinion freely with audiences.


Both men have expressed support for the Brights Movement. Often referred to as a secularist movement, the members explain that they believe all public policy needs to be based on sound science, that which makes use of the scientific method. They don’t believe in a higher power or supernatural doctrines. The duo feels that the use of scientific evidence to create public policy is both compassionate and humane.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Furthermore, both men refrain from the use of alcohol and drugs. This includes substances such as caffeine. However, they make an exception when it comes to cigarettes, as they are seen with a cigarette in hand in certain videos. As there are so many contradictions found in the pair, people will want to see what they say or do next simply because it is often unexpected.

Purchase vegas penn and teller tickets today. This is one show you don’t want to miss, regardless of your political views. Whether you agree with those on the right side of the aisle or those on the left, there is something they will say during the performance that you agree with. Furthermore, when it comes to those topics where you have different views, their show will give you something to talk about. For this reason, this is one performance everyone should see because it will make them take a second look at things they believe in and possibly question why this is the case.