3 Benefits of Becoming a LipSense Distributor

In the highly competitive cosmetics industry, SeneGence stands out as the provider of both quality products and an excellent business opportunity. Started in 1999, the firm was founded on the idea of creating effective cosmetics that could be sold by independent distributors. The owner’s focus was on empowering women by providing them with incomes. She was also determined to use eco-friendly ingredients and manufacturing processes. The flagship product, LipSense, is still one of its best known and has helped thousands of women gain financial independence.

The Company Makes a Sought After Product

Women often decide to Sell Lipsense after using it. Customers can choose from dozens of different colors and textures. The LipSense Liquid Lip Color Line is patented and works differently than conventional glosses and lipsticks. It is exceptionally popular because it does not smear, kiss off, or budge off and is waterproof. It does not dry the lips and can actually moisturize them. Women also consider it a cosmetic essential because the beautiful colors can last up to 18 hours.

Cosmetic Distributors Create Home Businesses

Fans of the beautiful lip colors often become distributors so they can sell the products from home. SeneGence makes it very easy for women to sign up and buy their first products. Distributors can make their own hours and work around the demands of family. Many schedule gatherings of friends where they demonstrate products and make it convenient for customers to order. To date the manufactures of the lip line have expanded to global markets that provide incomes to thousands of women around the world.

The Company Helps Distributors Succeed

Women who sell the lip colors they love also succeed because SeneGence offers a well-organized system to help them. From the beginning each distributor is assigned a mentor who helps them set up the business and overcome challenges. Distributors can take advantage of quick start and jump start programs that let them begin earning immediately. They learn how to generate income and commissions and build their businesses.

Many women have changed their lives by becoming distributors of high quality LipSense products. The company behind the lip colors helps distributors begin earning quickly and coaches them as they grow their businesses.