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Fundamental Things to Note about Touchpal Keyboard

There are so many people who find the standard keyboard on their android or apple phone boring and they are always looking for change. There is a high level of sophistication experienced when using Touchpal keyboard and this should be your substitute. The keyboard has a lot of enhancements which will ensure that you are always having fun. Through this article, you will garner facts about Touchpal keyboard.

First and foremost, there is need to understand that Touchpal keyboard is available in the Google App store as well as the app store (for the iPhones). It is where you access the apps store for your phone that you get to download the application or this Touchpal keyboard for free and in a simplified process. There are no complexities involved with downloading, installation and activation.

Whether its developing a text or you are to post on your social media channel, you will be able to have fun as many people have enjoyed using the keyboard so far. Nowadays, social media posts are full of emojis and the standard keyboard is always experiencing scarcity. Basically, when you are using the Touchpal keyboard, you will have a lot of enhancements and these enhancements will ultimately improve your experience.

With a Touchpal keyboard, you will always have an experience on smart input. Where a keyboard promotes smart input, there will be auto predictions, cloud predictions and auto-corrections on your texts hence simplifying the typing process. Majority of the smartphone users find this feature useful and overly beneficial. Even though there are so many people benefiting from smart input, there are some who doesn’t enjoy the auto predictions and therefore, Touchpal keyboard allows you to switch off the feature.

There are a thousand emojis and stickers for you to use whenever you are developing a social media post or even writing a text. The Touchpal keyboard has an auto emoji prediction feature which enables those people who are not well conversant with the right emoji to use.

The keyboard is always experiencing advancements which help avail a high level of sophistication. For instance, there is a recently developed feature; BoomText. Where you need to send an animated gift, you could use the feature, type a normal text and have the text converted. In other words, you could develop or create a customized gift using the keyboard.

With Touchpal keyboard, you will always have a chance of determining the best theme for you as there are multiple themes. These themes can be downloaded depending on the tastes and preferences of the user. Basically, the themes will help improve the appearance of your Touchpal keyboard. Therefore, you need to be keen and understand your personality which will enable you choose the best theme that compliments your preference.

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