Marriage and Relationship Advice

You have probably thought over the idea of getting married countless times. You have a basic idea of how you want things to go, just a nice quiet ceremony off in the country side on bright cheerful day. You can feel the sunshine on your face, smell the freshly cut grass, and hear the bird happily chirping with their daily routines. Unfortunately, you can’t make out the face of the person you are about to devote your entire life to, it is just a blur. That’s because we do not know who we are going to marry, unless somebody has already arranged for us to get married without our consent. If you live in a modern world, you have no idea who you are going to meet or fall in love with, these things just happen. Of course, girls tend to imagine their grooms as a tall handsome fellow, similar to prince charming.

Naturally, the guy imagines himself getting married to a drop dead gorgeous, delicate, and slender girl. If you are lucky, you will be able to find this girl. If not, you can find something remarkably similar. In most English speaking companies girls have the option to find their own husband. Unfortunately, there are many girls who do not get to decide who they are going to marry, they are simply given away and they have no say in the matter. Naturally, arranged marriages do not occur as often as they used to, nowadays people get to choose who they want to spend their lives with.

We usually do not seriously consider marrying anyone, unless we have been in a good, healthy relationship for over two years. Some guys propose to their girls when they have just been dating for less than a year, this is never a good idea, you need time to think about things, and time to get to know each other better. Rushed marriages usually do not work out very well for both people involved, they usually get divorced very quickly. Allot of marriages like this take place, especially when the people involved have been intoxicated with large doses of alcohol, Vegas is famous for the instant wedding ceremonies they provide for flirtatious couples. Of course once the couple realizes what they did later, they quickly get a divorce.

Now guys, remember that girls need allot of time to analyze you and determine if you are what they want. Thankfully, you can change a girls mind quite easily, be romantic, be random, be funny, and be strong. Girls tend to have different personalities, but the majority of girls need to be able to depend on the man as their source of strength and comfort. Men need to be dominate; females need to be submissive, that’s the way it has been since prehistoric times. So, be strong and show your girl that you are the man, the Alpha. Girls just love Alpha males, whether they admit it or not, they do. Practically any girl would accept your proposal if you are an Alpha male, so be a man, man up. is a one of the leading banquet halls for charitable events in toronto. >.