Is My Boyfriend Getting Tired Of Me

Girls that are clingy need to get a life. They lack stability, they are insecure, and they are codependent, not good traits to have for a healthy relationship! You have to have other hobbies, and friends outside of the relationship. I guarantee you…if he isnt tired of the clinginess already…..he will be!

Clingy can mean a lot of different things. I dont see anything wrong with wanting to have others know your man is taken. In fact that is part of the function of promise rings and wedding rings. It shows there is a commitment to someone you love. I also dont see anything wrong with wanting to spend lots of time together. That means you enjoy each other. I do agree that one needs friends outside the relationship and hobbies to share and to do solo. But hey if you cant get enough of each other there is nothing wrong with that either. If this man truly loves you he will have no problem making it known he is taken. If you love him you will sacrifice your fears to build trust so that you dont have to wonder if he is getting tired of you. You will be able to trust each other to communicate your thoughts and know that you will be able to work them out.

He use to text me nonstop and tell me he missed me and cute stuff like that. But then all of the sudden he won’t even respond when I say good morning or goodnight. The only time he talks to me is if he wants me to come over or if he’s mad at me.

Don’t smother him too much. He might be bored or he might just want to have u as his sex bot, the conversations might be getting dull. If things don’t spice up or communication doesn’t open up more this might go bad fast. Talk to him and ask him whats up with his lost of interest.

I hate to say it huny but I honestly think you might be hitting on one of two things….. Bye bye honeymoon period and you are getting more comfortable with each other and just don’t need that extra attempt to make the other swoon, or you may have hit the nail on the head.


Just give him some space. If you’ve been dating for a year now, you should know him pretty well. I think deep down you must know what to do.

It sounds like hes getting a little bored. Find something to occupy more of your time and he will miss having you around.

Which is a bigger slap in the face to an ex? Him seeing you sad after the break up or seeing you’re fine?

Just give him some space. If you’ve been dating for a year now, you should know him pretty well. I think deep down you must know what to do.

Is She Serious Signs Of A Serious Relationship

If you are feeling pretty strongly about your current relationship, but you are unclear about whether or not your girl friend feels the same way, then this article is the one for you. Here, we will discuss what kinds of behaviors will tell you that your girl is getting pretty serious about the two of you and your relationship together.

The most obvious sign is if she tells you that she loves you. This is always one of the most difficult things to say the first time, because there is such a powerful fear of being rejected. If she does say she loves you, tell her you love her right back if you do, because your lack of hesitation will make her feel more secure.

If she asks you to meet her friends, or an important member of her family, she is seeking approval of you from those she loves. This is usually a sign that she’s ready to kick it up a notch.

If she asks you how you feel about her, she may be really trying to convey that she feels strongly for you and is not sure that you feel the same way. If you do, in fact, feel the same way, this is the best time to let her know, as she will be very vulnerable and in need of that reassurance.

If your girlfriend is willing to compromise on something she feels strongly about, it could mean that she has begun to value your opinion almost as highly as her own. She wants both of you to be able to be happy, and she wants you to do that together.

Evaluate your girl’s behavior. If she has done any of these things, it might be time for you to decide whether or not you’re ready to get serious.

Signs To Look For To Find Out If She Likes You

Most men are afraid of rejection and it is natural for men to have the desire to know if a woman likes him or not before taking the big step of pursuing her. Are you confused if she likes you or not? Women are sometimes hard to read but if you know what to look for, it is easier to find out if she likes you. Knowing what she is thinking about you will give you hints on what to do if you are really smitten by her.

Here are the things to look for to find out if she likes you:

Does she remember important details about you? One way to find out if she likes you is by putting attention on how she keeps in mind the important details about you. You will notice that she put more attention when you talk about yourself. If she remembers your birthday, special occasions in your life and the things that matters to you then you are in the right track and she likes you.

Does she appear nervous or restless when you are around? Of course women also want to make a great impression when the man she likes is around. You will find out if she likes you, if she is too uneasy when you are around. She doesn’t want to commit mistakes and she is very self conscious when you are around.

Have you caught him looking at you and then look away when you want to meet her eyes? Women love to observe the man they like without him knowing and get embarrassed when caught. If you will be more attentive with her non-verbal language, her eyes will tell you something about her feelings. If you want to find out if she likes you, pay attention on how she looks at you.

Does she talks about you? To find out if she likes you, search out her friends and talk to them. If she really likes you, she will talk about you with her friends and you will get surprised that her friends know things about you.

Does she enjoy talking to you? If she makes an effort to have a conversation with you and loves to share stories and anecdotes with you then she likes you. You will notice her body language like occasionally touching you and her undivided attention while talking you. You will find out if she likes you due to her fondness with you when you are having conversations.

Knowing if she likes you will give you more confidence to pursue her and create a lasting relationship. But if she is not into you, do not feel sad because attraction is an art that can be learned.

Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend Back When She Has Already Moved On

After the break up, one of the natural urge that arises in ones mind is to get back their ex girlfriend. You may get desperate to get back your ex girlfriend and without being aware of the end results, you will start doing those stuffs which will pull her back from reuniting with you.

Splitting with you girlfriend is not a big deal. You can get back with her easily. The main problem arises when she has started dating someone else. Situation becomes very delicate then. At such point to get back your ex girlfriend can be a little tricky and also may involve more time and patience.

Usually in such situations, men act very harsh and try to pound on the guy with whom their ex girlfriend is dating. They also go for talking against the new guy in front of their ex girlfriend. This only worsens the chances of getting back an ex girlfriend. You are leading her closer to the guy and making her defend him from you.

There is no problem remaining in a limited touch with her. Dont go bouncing in front of her every now and then or calling her again and again. She may get uncomfortable with it.

When after the break up, girl moves on with another guy, she usually expects her ex boyfriend to get enraged and feel jealous. But it will be better if you dont do what she expects you to do. Act cleverly and maturely. Appreciate her decision of moving on with other guy. This will change her view for you and make her think positive for you.

The best suggestion to get back an ex girlfriend is to let her make a new move. You have done a lot. Staying in touch with her, there is nothing wrong with that. Make sure to tell her that you are only her friend. Be cool and calm and enjoy yourself. Develop your personality, interests and hobbies, go out and spend time with your family and friends. In this way, you may develop enough strength and confidence required to get back an ex girlfriend. Start getting close to her by comforting her in difficult times. Try to reconstruct your relationship and she will definitely end her new relationship and get back with you.

Romantic Ways To Celebrate A Sweethearts Birthday

If you want to keep your romance alive then you need to take every and any occasion to show that loved one in your life that not only are they special but the events that mark their life and accomplishments are important as well. Finding unique and romantic ways to celebrate your sweethearts birthday is just one of many ways to keep that spark in your relationship burning bright. If you are looking for some new ways to show the love of your life just how special he or she is on their birthday, here are some great romantic ideas to make the day special for you both.

Two Letters

One inexpensive way and surefire way to touch your loved ones heart is by writing two letters. A love letter to your sweetheart telling them how glad you are they are in your life and just how special and important they are to you. And then write a second letter to your loved one’s parents thanking them for bringing your partner up to be a loving and caring person. Acknowledging how special he or she is to you will make your loved one feel special and very much loved.

A Personal Photo Album

Taking the time to prepare a special photo album of all those wonderful moments the two of you have shared is one great way to remind them just how special you think they are and how great you two are together. Photos from your first meeting, to your first kiss and every other special moment along the way arranged with small love notes or love poems will certainly create a romantic note to any birthday celebration.

You’re Not Getting Older, You’re Getting Sexier

Whether you are a man or woman, as those signs of turning middle age start to develop you feel less desirable than you did when you were young. Your sweetheart is no exception. Their birthday is the perfect time to show your loved one you still find them as desirable as you did when you first met or even more so.

Plan a romantic dinner out or a weekend away. Spend the meal flirting just as you did when you were dating and plan an after dinner seduction by creating the right atmosphere with beautiful music, soft candlelight and a romantic nightgown for her or a sexy robe for him. Showing your sweetheart you still find them desirable is one of the most romantic gifts you can give them.

Message in a Jar

Creating a jar full of little love messages for the month of your sweethearts birthday or even for the entire year until their next birthday rolls around can create a romantic month or entire year for that person you love. Simply present them with the gift wrapped jar and instructions for them to read one message each day and they will have daily reminds of your love not to mention a great birthday gift.

Creating a romantic birthday for your sweetheart is a simple matter of showing them how often you think about them and how much you love them.