Can Two Different Culturally Challenged Individuals Stay Together?

It was not so long ago that getting into a relationship with someone from a different culture or race is unheard of in our family. In fact, getting into a relationship with someone not from your own race is considered as taboo and can get you disinherited from your family and/or considered as a social outcast or a pariah. With globalization however, many, especially from the modern family, this social restriction has somewhat lessened. It is still there, but the social stigma is lessened as many modern Filipino parents are now more accepting. This practice is not limited to the Filipino as its scope is far-reaching.

Can two people from different cultures stay together and be happy?

Language Barrier

The first problem is usually communication. How do you say what you want to say without hurting or offending the person you are interested in or in love with? Western people are more direct with their feelings; Asian people are more subtle and tend to beat around the bushes. Google translation is handy, but it doesn’t convey the right word or term of endearment that people want to convey and using the wrong word can lead to the guy sleeping in the couch for the night and still he is clueless as to what he did wrong.

Cultures and Traditions

Many women that I’ve seen entering into an inter-marriage find themselves having to sacrifice some of their cultural practices and traditions. Some say that it is no longer practical and they are busy to even contemplate doing the old traditions. Some say that it is to prevent from embarrassing themselves especially in the public. Do we really have to sacrifice what we love doing in order to make our relationships work? Are sacrifices to the extent that we leave everything behind for the future success of our relationship ideal?

Many say that our lives are composed of chapters. When one chapter closes, another one opens and it is up to you to write what that chapter is all about.

Why Stay?

I’ve heard a lot of women and men sacrifice things to make relationships work. Some work and others don’t. But what I’ve learned is that relationships and two individuals from different social backgrounds or cultures can stay together. Yes, there are some sacrifices to make, some tears to shed and even some pain. But in the end, a smile, a loving companion and a future together makes these sacrifices pale in comparison.

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