A Better Understanding of Black and White Differences

Politicians who state that there is no black or white anymore when it comes to skin colour are fooling themselves and taking a stand that is outside of reality. To be born black is to know discrimination, racial prejudice, hate, and rejection. The problem is that what they face who are ‘coloured’ is probably not much different to what women face because they are female. The more intelligent among them the worse their situation becomes.

That gives me insight into what they must feel and how and why the prejudice against them exists. It doesn’t matter what country one is in the feelings are the same and the question is why? There is resentment and jealousy on both sides and an inner voice that overrides common sense.

My reincarnation and knowledge that we have all lived before may provide some answers. Job 5:19-22 states that we have returned seven times until now when we are in the last days. In Isaiah 25:19 it states that the graves will give up their dead and this clearly defines a return of all people. Within is a little voice that leads and guides and it tells us what to do, say, and believe in.

Most, however, are unaware of it and are ‘tuned out’ so that they don’t hear it. Those who are ‘tuned in’ are the spiritual people who are part of the harvest at the end of the day. My link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God, has provided knowledge that religion is wrong and that we become what we are destined to be.

No one has control of their rebirth or their parents. God’s judgment, however, may be that those who were black and badly treated are now white and that their inner hatred of the skin colour is what makes them react so badly to those of colour. Likewise, white folk who become black are receiving what they once dished out to others, and they don’t like it.

There is much we don’t understand about life and the veneer that religions have built is being smashed so that the truth emerges. This is happening now through the Internet, which is the mountain promised to arrive in the last days to spread the truth (Micah 4:1). We can’t change who and what we are but we can look for better understanding of our status and the treatment of others.

Norma Holt has memory of her reincarnation and knows that reincarnation is fact and that everyone who has lived is back. They are turning to the Mountain of God which is the Internet for answers.

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